Sponsorship Program


...support MTRA members in their endeavors to assist individuals that they serve


…members can ask for a maximum of $200 for their facility per calendar year to support their various causes 

…will also match the amount raised by the individual, up to $200

…will offer a place on the website where organizations, (ie. student organizations), can give to this fund, or any of the other funds that go back to MTRA members, ie. Student Exam Scholarship, or Program Development


…submit an application  Sponsorship Application.docx

…email completed application with SPONSORSHIP in the subject line to michigantra@gmail.com 


…will vote on proposal during BOD monthly meeting

…will notify applicant with status of proposal

…will send a check via the MTRA Treasurer

…will keep a record of which organizations received sponsorship 

***Information/pictures can be shared on the MTRA website about the different events sponsored by MTRA throughout the year, as well as shared at the conferences throughout the year.  

Recipients of the various sponsorships would be encouraged to send pictures of the event to MTRA

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