Adaptive Golf Director 

Position Concept: The Adapive Golf Director is a member of the FGA management team and will oversee and be responsible for providing therapuetic golf services for FGA’s special needs participants. The position will be responsible for organizing and conducting clinics, annual budget development, scheduling and promoting clinics and events, recruiting, training and effectively managing FGA’s volunter Adaptive Golf Coaches. The position will promote an exceptional "golf experience" for the special needs community and provide an excellent therapeutic enhancement program allowing all participants with different levels of disabilites to really have fun enjoying the sport.

Reports to: Edmund “E.Q.” Sylvester, FGA Founder and Chairman

Prioritized Keys to Successful Performance

#1 Oversee therapeutic recreational golf program                                               

#2 Assure disabled participants are enjoying the sport while improving through proper exercise. 

#3 Work with and build a reliable trained adaptive golf coaching network. 

#4 Assure proper and safe conduct at all adaptive golf clinics.

#5 Use PGA Teaching Professional as needed to support “golf teaching” side of program.

#6 Work with FGA team to assist in growing FGA programs and support of the disabled to enjoy the game.

#7 Discover and/or uncover new enhancement benefits gleened through the game of golf.

Specific Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

·       Develop and manage golf instruction, clinics and events, and player development programs in accordance with professional therapeutic procedures.

·       Oversee all lesson and instructional program schedules.

·       Review FGA procedures and develop new procedures and training manuals appropriate for improving the overall golf experience of all participants.

·       Utilize teaching and learning theories for adaptive golf, and be able to integrate the use of teaching aids, videotape, launch monitors, etc. when appropriate in all programs.

·       Train Adaptive Golf Coaches on therapeutic teaching philosophies and management of programs.

·       Maintain thorough and accurate records for reporting and tracking player participation and skill development.

·       Maintain a close working relationship with the Golf Course Managers for use of their facilities.

·       Develop/coordinate the development of annual business plans for teaching purposes.

·       Attend all FGA Board of Director meeting for reporting purposes.

·       Coordinate and produce all written correspondence, reporting, newsletters, and communications relating to overall golf operations.

·       Train Adaptive Golf Coaches on recreation therapy instruction, teaching philosophies and the management of programs for improved adaptive golf lessons

·       Develop, implement and promote club fittings and program equipment; train other staff instructors as needed. Seek assistance as required

·       Report instructional progress data monthly versus plan. Review with Chairman and FGA team monthly.

·       Supervise information requests regarding or pertaining to schedule of lessons and adaptive golf clinic availability.

·       Maintain teaching aids and equipment inventory in excellent condition.

·       Represent FGA in community service programs.

Creative Ability

·       Create instructional programs to enhance interest and enthusiasm among all participants

·       Create player development programs to foster both a recreational and fun environment


·       Maintain regular, open contact with both E.Q. Sylvester and adaptive coaches to ensure teamwork and consistency in teaching programs.

·       Possess a personality trait that will make people feel welcome, and enjoy the programs.



·       Certified Therapuetic Recreation Therapist. (CTRS Certicate from National Council for Therapuetic Recreation (NCTRC)

·       Professional expertise through related courses and learning opportunities in recreational training, player development, working with individuals with disabilities.

·       Professional, internship or volunteer experience working in a non-clinical recreational environment.

·       Experience engaging in new learning opportunities to maintain professional expertise, providing new resources to inprove effectivity.

Knowledge, Skills and Traits

·       Strong understanding of fundamental recreational therapy supervisory practices and principles.

·       Experienced in working with and supervising volunteers in the field of recreational therapy.

·       Experience and skill serving as a role model demonstrating the behavior and work ethic expected.

·       Self-motivated with desire to promote and deliver “best in class” therapeutic recreational golf programs, and proven experience in doing so.

·       Basic understanding of the game of golf, rules of golf.

·       Bountiful attitude for improved customer service and new program insights and development.

·       Excellent written and oral service communications. Provide examples.

·       Proven experience on keeping up to date/current on new therapeutic recreation development initiatives.

·       Experienced  and conversant in computer use including all  Microsoft and Google platforms.

·       Eperience and knowledge in using social media as a marketing tool considered a real plus.

Submit resumes to estone@fgagolf.org. Resumes will be considered as they are accepted until the position is filled.

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